Repair service

Repair service

The great experience in the world of skiing was handed on from Filippo, our grandfather.

He was a ski instructor and an alpine guide in Santa Caterina Valfurva in the '30s. He was one of the first to open a shop to repair skis in the town and used screws and pieces of foil to repair the skis made of wood for the first tourists and for his children as well (our dad Giuseppe included, who used to be very fond of skiing and later entered our national ski team).

Nowadays Compagnoni Ski Service carries on this profession with the same passion of the early years together with the help of well-trained staff and machinery such as Wintersteiger and R off B.


Compagnoni Ski Service performs milling and adjustments to your boots for a greater comfort and sensitivity while skiing.

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Compagnoni Ski Service is open.

Rental of walking crampons and snowshoes as well as skis and snowboards.

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Snowshoe rental end ski touring.

Available equipment for ski mountaineering end snowshoeing on itineraries in the upper Valtellina end in the Stelvio National Park.

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Family discount

A special promotion that allows you to save 20% on rental equipment!

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Perfect ski!

Compagnoni Service is top. Lamine and waxing done with great care, and my skis were really perfect. I advise!

Hike in Stelvio Park

With Compagnoni Service I hiked in the Stelvio National Park in search of deer and ibex ... A beautiful day and a really great service!

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